Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

The duel at the back of beyond

Director: the Honored Master of Arts of the RF Aleksandr Mikhailov

"Enigma Variations" is an ideal play for a successful performance, a play for two. The plot is mysterious and changeable like a mountain river. Philosophy and love...

A provincial journalist came to a writer living alone on the island to interview him. But the writer was not so simple. And the story turned to be a detective one. And there was a great love above all that. It is impossible to understand even the heart of the beloved person. It is like an Enigma variation which tune is hardly heard and lost in the chaos of other tunes. The performance won a great love of spectators and enthusiastic reviews of critics.





На сайте представлены фотографии Владимира Федина, Петра Соколова, Вадима Пакулина, Александра Уткина, Светланы Игнатовой, Анастасии Денисовой, Анны Колесовой, Татьяны Шалухиной, Оксаны Соловьёвой, Елены Птагиной, Екатерины Строговой и Константина Федяева.

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