Staged version of the novel by A. Fadejev

Heroic tragedy

Dramatized and staged by Vladimir Kuznetsov


The performance "Young Guards" is the Laureate of the Regional Prize in the  field of culture, arts and literature, 2015.

The performance "Young Guards" won the "Bronze Vityaz" at the XIII International Theatre Forum "Bronze Vityaz" in 2015.

The performance is a participant of the Federal Festival "Theatre Olymp", Sochi, 2015.

The performance is a participant of the International social-patriotic project "Young Guards are Marching across the Country. Live after us!"


The performance is not only the memorial tribute to the heroes of the past. The heroic deeds and the death of a martyr of the young guards of Krasnodon in 1943 are extremely topical at the beginning of the XXI century. The performance is stirring to remind of the genetic code against evil. It is especially urgent today when fascism is coming into the force on the territories damaged by the war. The performance called an extraordinary resonance in the mass media and was greatly estimated by the critics.




На сайте представлены фотографии Владимира Федина, Петра Соколова, Вадима Пакулина, Александра Уткина, Светланы Игнатовой, Анастасии Денисовой, Анны Колесовой, Татьяны Шалухиной, Оксаны Соловьёвой, Елены Птагиной, Екатерины Строговой и Константина Федяева.

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