Лучший региональный театр России Звезда театрала 2023 Лауреат премии «Звезда театрала»

A.N. Ostrovsky

Career in the rythm of tango with an intermisson.

Director: Sergey Morozov

The performance got the Diploma "For the Best Production" at the 10th All-Russia Theatre Festival "Ostrovsky's Days in Kostroma", the Diploma "For the Best Actors' Casting" at the 6th Multi-Region Theatre Festival named after N.K.Rybakov in Tambov. Nikolay Gorokhov, the People's artist of the RF, the Laureate of the prize of the RF Government, the Laureate of Evstignejev's Prize got the Prize "For the Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Theatre Art in Russia". Galina Ivanova, the People's  artist of Russia, the Laureate of Evstignejev's Prize, got the Diploma "For the Best Woman's Role", the best actress of Russia of 2012. Aleksandr Aladyshev got the Diploma "The Hope of the Union of Theatre Masters".

In June of 2014 the performance won the Grand Prix of the Federal Theatre Festival "Theatre Olymp".

A masterpiece of the Russian classical drama literature is a satirical comedy "Every Wise Man Has a Fool in his Sleeve". A young smart talented man Egor Glumov tired of poverty and discomfort made a decision to marry conveniently for the sake of a career using flattering, pleasing, courting. The thing was that he, a clever man, was too vain and proud. Glumov had a diary full of mockery at the dull authorities, their greediness and his successful steps to the career...

The performance is beloved by spectators and praised by critics.


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