A. Solzhenitsyn

Drama after the novels "Cancer Corps", "In Circle One", "Archipelago GULAG".

Arranged and directed by Vladimir Kuznetsov

"Cancer Corps. Exiled for Ever"of the Vladimir Drama Theatre is the first theatre version of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's novel, the world's premier. Having combined the three works by Solzhenitsyn, namely, "Cancer Corps", "In Circle One", "Archipelago GULAG", the director shows both the atmosphere of the hospital of the 50s and the disorder in people's souls and the country. The cancer eats away the bodies and minds as well as the state drawing a bloody burden of repressions. Is curing possible? Every character of the play has his own choice and answer. The performance won spectators' love and enthusiastic reviews of critics.





На сайте представлены фотографии Владимира Федина, Петра Соколова, Вадима Пакулина, Александра Уткина, Светланы Игнатовой, Анастасии Денисовой, Анны Колесовой, Татьяны Шалухиной, Оксаны Соловьёвой, Елены Птагиной, Екатерины Строговой и Константина Федяева.

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