Performance is intended to the audience over 16 years of age

 Parable in two acts based on the works of Sholem Aleichem

 Author: Grigory Gorin

 Premiere was occurred on October 17, 2018

 Playtime: 3 hours 45 minutes (1 act 1 hour 45 minutes)


The events of the play unfold in the early twentieth century. After the wave of brutal Jewish pogroms, that passed rapidly across Russia in 1905, simple Jews from the “backs” are trying to live and enjoy their life – in spite of the policy of national genocide, approved by the state. They peacefully and amicably coexist with Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians from time immemorial in the town of Anatovka. Different religions, different mentalities do not interfere at all this patriarchal fraternity. In the center of the plot is the story of a large family of Tevye the Milkman. His beloved wife Golda gave him five beautiful daughters. And the village philosopher Tevye, as an attentive father, is trying in every way to ensure them successful marriage and happy life. But it was not to be! Beauties are endued with freedom-loving characters, ardent hearts. And they fall in love with persons other than those, who would provide them calm, comfortable existence. By the way, “stability” and “settled lifestyle” are such unreliable concepts in this world! Humor and lyrics, laughter and tears, comedy and tragedy, vivid characters, aphoristic language – the play captivates the audience with all this things and has already become a classic one. The producer of our performance, Petr Orlov, who gave to Vladimir audience the original version of “Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare and “Old-fashioned comedy” by A. Arbuzov, also promises not to deceive our expectations ...


 Producer – Petr ORLOV

Artistic director – Dmitry DROBYSHEV

Costume director – Natalia SITUKHA

Music – Vladimir BRUSS

Choreograph – Alla MOLODTSOVA

Lighting designer – Taras MIKHALEVSKY

Performance is emceed by – Vera SAKHNOVICH


Mass media:

Губерния33. Боль маленького народа. Во Владимире прошла премьера «Поминальной молитвы»

ВВ в гостях актриса Галина Фатхутдинова

ГТРК. Пётр Орлов - режиссёр, режиссёр-постановщик спектакля "Поминальная молитва"

КЛЮЧ. MEDIA. Театральная премьера: Плачь, смейся, молись, танцуй

ПРИЗЫВ. Стоит ли вообще бедному человеку родиться на свет?

КП. Четырехчасовая «Поминальная молитва» владимирского драмтеатра

Владимирские Ведомости. Премьера в драмтеатре

ГТРК. Ещё одна премьера юбилейного 170 театрального сезона


Вариант. Как остаться человеком и сохранить надежду, вопреки всему




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