Лучший региональный театр России Звезда театрала 2023 Лауреат премии «Звезда театрала»

Solo performance based on the novel by Max Frisch.

It is a story of a stunning pcychological experiment made by the main character. After a car accident barely escaped losing his vision and has decided to live as a blind person for a while.

Being 'blind' really changes his life. From now on, he can see something in people they would never reveal to him if they did not think he was blind. He sees the truth about everyone he talks to, everyone he loves. His dark glasses become a means to divide the truth and the lie.
People feel comfortable talking to someone who does not see anything unnecessary, someone who does not make them wear masks.

What will be left of his life, destiny, relationships and the role he is so used to play? What will be left of him? Who is he now?

Author of idea
 – Olga Gunina (Russia)

Staging – Keren KLIMOVSKY (Sweden)

Director - Linas Marijus ZAIKAUSKAS (Lithuania)

Production designer - Margarita MISHUKOVA (Russia)

Assistant Director - Vera SAKHNOVICH

As Alexander - Alexander Aladyshev

The performance takes place in a real bar environment.




На сайте представлены фотографии Владимира Федина, Петра Соколова, Вадима Пакулина, Александра Уткина, Светланы Игнатовой, Анастасии Денисовой, Анны Колесовой, Татьяны Шалухиной, Оксаны Соловьёвой, Елены Птагиной, Екатерины Строговой и Константина Федяева.

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