For 16+ audience

Psychological sketch

Author: Olga Gunina

The premiere took place on May 14, 2019

The production was named a laureate of the 35th International Theater Festival, Lipetsk Theatrical Meetings, in the nomination “Best Female Ensemble in Chamber Performance” (Lipetsk, 2019).

The play derived from the recent successful writing debut of psychologist Olga Gunina, who published two collections of short stories. A series of theatrical presentations of her books at festivals, theatrical tours, and libraries inside and outside the city proved that her stories could make a perfect play and be staged on the Small Stage of the Vladimir Academic Drama Theater. No sooner said than done!

Talented Moscow director Yulia Belyayeva enthusiastically took up production and combined separate short stories into the narrative of a big family, which was close-knit once. The narrative is told by characters resembling Chekhov’s Prozorov Sisters – Olga, Masha, and Irina. Married sisters, who live away from one another, come to the old parental home to say their goodbyes before the house is sold... Nostalgic memories of their childhood and youth come to mind: these are family legends and mythical stories, some fascinating, some funny, and some sad. The play is based on the short stories “Shurochka,” “The Small Terrace,” “The Worry,” “The Reflection,” “The New Year Smell of a Silvery Lilly of the Valley,” and “Mystery of the Old House.”


Duration of the show is 1 hour 20 minutes

Stage production – Yulia BELYAYEVA

Stage and costume design – Alina BROVINA

Choreography – Yevgeniya MILYAYEVA

 Stage: Small






На сайте представлены фотографии Владимира Федина, Петра Соколова, Вадима Пакулина, Александра Уткина, Светланы Игнатовой, Анастасии Денисовой, Анны Колесовой, Татьяны Шалухиной, Оксаны Соловьёвой, Елены Птагиной, Екатерины Строговой и Константина Федяева.

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