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For 16+ audience

Quest for Happiness

Author: Lev Tolstoy.  

The premiere took place on Oct 4, 2019.

The Anna Karenina stage production won the Grand Prix of the 17th International Theater Forum Golden Knight in 2019.

The Vladimir Academic Drama Theater reflected on the eternal notions of love, family, jealousy, unfaithfulness, and tragic redemption.

Lev Tolstoy. Anna Karenina

This is not an easy theme and obviously a perpetual one or else why it’s never seen as banal. Each generation and practically every people has "its own Anna Karenina."

Why is mankind still fascinated by the personality and fate of the young married lady, who started as an ideal wife and mother, a smart, sincere, charming, beautiful, and moral person, whose tranquility and harmony was upset by the sudden passion? Why does her deep, true love for Vronsky unavoidably lead to a disaster and death? Social and moral values, which seemed to be unshakable and made a divorce practically unattainable, are long gone. The public worldwide has long stopped frowning on divorces and new marriages.

It looks like subtle nuances of human feelings and the most complicated, beautiful, and agonizing phenomenon called Love are more important than the formal state of affairs...

Theatrical composition and production – Vladimir KUZNETSOV

Stage design – Dmitry DROBYSHEV

Costume design – Olga NIKITINA

Sound – Lithuanian National Award laureate Faustas LATENAS

Choreography – Maria SIUKAYEVA

Light– Golden Mask National Award laureate Sergey SKORNETSKY

Presenters: Vera SAKHNOVICH, Elena PTAGINA

Stage: Main






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